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If you were to Google the term “most important inventions of 21st century”, you will end up with more than 5mn hits. These Coding Courses for Kids are ideal for starters. If you were to skim through the top results, the inventions have one or more of the following components in common: “data”, “software”, “electronics“or “connectivity”. Declining costs has led to proliferation of electronic devices -> leading to huge amount of data being generated and stored -> leading to creation of innovative softwares for manipulation of such data; and the network technologies keeping pace for better interconnectedness.

Modo’s vision is to enable every child in “technology literacy” and “digital skills” to stay competitive in future.

Emergence of 3rd dimension in education

The new dimension of “Technology Education” in K-12 learning is key to initiating your child into the world of emerging technologies that is shaping the human future. Not only will it inculcate problem solving and critical thinking abilities, but also help build skills that will prepare your child for 21st century.

Progressive Curriculum

Modo’s unique approach is centered around its vision of digital continuum of “electronics -> data -> software -> connectivity”. Based on this vision, Modo offers a unique 5-level progressive tech curriculum through its ‘BlendEdu’ courses. These courses offer step-by-step progressive approach to learning new and emerging technologies and digital skills. This approach allows parents to conveniently enroll their children without having to concern themselves with ‘which course to select’, ‘what is right for my child’, etc.


Step # 1: Choose the Right Course

Modo offers two broad types of courses.

Modos' 5-level BlendEdu Courses

  • These are progressive, step-by-step learning
  • Each level has 25 modules and approximately 50 lessons spread across
  • Each level is timed for approximately 40 minutes
  • Each level is themed around a key emerging technology
    • Level 1 ‘JumpStart’ – theme: Robotics
    • Level 2 ‘StepUp’ – theme: Sensors, IOT
    • Level 3 ‘Code4AI’ – theme: Artificial Intelligence
    • Level 4 ‘Phantom’ – theme: Machine Learning
    • Level 5 ‘Ultima’ – theme: Deep Learning

Skill Academy

Modo offers unique set of short courses that are aimed at children who are keenly focussing on specific areas of learning, such as coding Python, Coding Courses for Kids, discovering 3D printing and so on. Coding Courses for Kids are some of the best courses that Modo offers. Explore some of the newest and coolest technologies brought to your fingertips through Modo’s unique curriculum design and pedagogy.

You can choose the right course for your child based on the following:

  • Age Appropriateness
  • Existing Knowledge on Coding and/or Electronics
  • Time Availability & Commitment
  • Specific Focus on Particular Topic/Technology

Step # 2: Enroll Online

Once you have chosen the right course for your child, visit the course page in and click on ‘Buy This Course’ callout button. Once you are in the registration page, provide details for completion of the process. Ensure to provide the right postal address for the shipment to reach on time. Remember to peruse through all payment options, including the EMI facilities provided by certain bank credit cards.

Step # 3: Start Course Instantly

Once the registration and payment is complete, your child can start the course immediately using the credentials you provided while registering (username and password). Your child can complete video lessons sequentially, and remember to mark course complete to move to the next lesson. Your child can view the video lessons any number of times and as parent you can monitor your child’s progress in the ‘Profile’ section.

Step # 4: Complete Self Assessments

Quizzes are a great way to test your child’s knowledge gained through our courses. These quizzes are placed at the end of every module and your child is expected to score 100% before he can move to the next module. However, there are no limits to the number of times your child can take the quiz. As a parent, you can monitor your child performance in the ‘Profile’ section.

Step # 5: Receive Electronic Kits

Depending on the course you have enrolled your child in, an electronic/robotic kit will be shipped to your postal address. Typically the shipment reaches you in around 10 working days from the date of course enrolment. If you have any special instructions for delivery, you can let us now by sending an email to [email protected].

Step # 6: Get Help Through Chat

Modo’s academic experts are available online to assist your child between 8am and 8pm, all days of the week. They provide live support and guidance to students online through our chat systems. Young children take to chat as a duck takes to water – its intuitive in their nature to click and engage. If your child is unable to interact with us through chat, he can reach us through [email protected].

Step # 7: Share & Learn Through Projects

No learning is complete without fun-filled activities with electronic/robotic kits. We have recently launched a ‘Projects’ section, where we have curated and made available many interesting and inspiring projects that your child can emulate using the electronic kits provided as part of the course enrolment. Your child can visit the projects site by clicking here: You can child can also contribute by submitting his innovative projects.

Step # 8: Receive Certificate of Completion

Your child will receive a certificate of completion after successfully finishing all lesson modules and quizzes in the course. The certificate can be downloaded from the course page of from the ‘Profile’ section. For details you can write to us at [email protected]one.

Enroll your child today in the path of technology exploration!

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